B’Ham Hop Swing, Lindy & Solo Jazz

Due to COVID-19, classes are likely postponed for the time being. Please contact the instructor, studio or venue for more information.

Host: Bham Hop
Damien Cade

Venue: Presence Studio 1412 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225 360-223-5449

Price: $15 drop-in, $50/month, students $11 drop-in, $40/month

Category: Swing

A long time ago in a galaxy actually right here…

Episode V: Winter Strikes Back
After the Bellinghamsters are brutally overpowered by the winter snow on ice planet Bellingham, Damian and the Swing Kids continue Jazz training on Dagobah (er… Inspire Studio), evading as best they can the grips of Darth Winter.

Now, prepare for…

Episode VI: Return of the Bailey
After a daring mission to rescue Han Solo Jazz from Seattle, the rebels Damian and Bailey dispatch to Endor (er… Presence Studio) to build a new home for dancing, hoping to turn the beleaguered Bellinghampire to the swing side of the force.

But when?
Every Monday
5-6pm: Swing Dancing for Everyone
6-7pm: Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop
7-8pm: Strong and Mighty Solo Jazz with Bailey

But where?
Presence Studio – 1412 Cornwall Avenue

Who me?
Yes you. And me. And jazz. And the one and only Bailey ‘McRhythm’ McCully everybody!

How now?
$50 for the month. $15 drop-in. $40 for students. Student drop in? Alright, the ayes have it: $12.

For the resistance!

Register by going to https://bhamhop.com/classes

B’Ham Hop Swing, Lindy & Solo Jazz

Hosted by: Bham Hop

Venue: Presence Studio 1412 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225

$15 drop-in, $50/month, students $11 drop-in, $40/month